Hi, guys! Hope you’re doing fine!

A friend of mine showed me a video of a wonderful tiny project called mintyPi and it’s a portable console fitted into a tin of mints!

I was blown away by how cool and stylish the project looks!

It is based on Raspberry Pi Zero W with a bunch of custom parts and circuit boards. It is running RetroPie OS which means that you’re able to play a lot of games on a bunch of retro systems.

And now I really want to make such device myself.

The developer opened preorders for all the needed custom parts: buttons, plastic casing, internal boards, and screen, but the total price is a bit higher than I expected.

I would love to build it but can’t afford to buy all the components at once.

I made a handy table with all the required components and their prices:

Components needed

Component namePrice
Plastic parts: face plates, buttons, hole guide$53.67
Circuit boards and screen$48.35
Raspberry Pi Zero W (basic kit)$26.68
Battery charger$15.04
Tactile buttons$1.10
Slide switch$2.20
USB sound card$3.79
Tin of mints$6.90

You can see that the total price of a single console is around $170.

So I would like to ask you guys to help me with this.

Here’s what I would like to offer: I am opening a crowdfunding campaign to gather the required amount and in return I’m making a video of me getting all the parts together and assembling the device!

In the video I will be unpacking all the parcels, assembling the parts together, and, hopefully, playing some games on it. Wow! I’m sure it will be fun to see!

I will also make the video available one week earlier to the donators!

So if you want to participate, here is the link:

And this is the progress bar representing the amount donated:


As soon as the project is funded I will remove the donation button. I will also post updates on the project with photos and additional details.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would you like to help me and take a part it the project? Would you like to have a similar device?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for your support!