Hi guys!

I want to share some amazing news with you today!

Recently I have discovered an awesome 3DS homebrew app which allows amiibo cloning with 3DS itself! Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

It is a project developed by the same person behind TagMo, the most popular amiibo cloning app for Android devices! And it makes amiibo cloning on 3DS as simple as with NFC-enabled Android phone!

Here’s the quote from the author’s post on GBATemp:

Thenaya is a homebrew app which can program Amiibo dump files into blank NTAG215, making brand new Amiibos. It’s the little sister of the TagMo project.

While it’s still in beta, I’ve been able to install it and write some tags with no issue.

The app is really simple and easy to use, it’s also pretty fast!

It might be a great alternative to anyone who owns a 3DS and wants to create amiibo clones with no hassle, because wiring Arduino and NFC module could be annoying sometimes. It also makes writing process significantly easier and error-free.

Just get some tags, put amiibo keys and dumps to your 3DS’s SD card, install the app, and you’re good to go!

You may find HiddenRambler’s post on GBATemp here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/beta-thenaya-tagmo-for-3ds.475870/

And here is the latest release in a number of formats (I, personally, used the .cia one): https://github.com/HiddenRamblings/Thenaya/releases

But in case you don’t own a 3DS, the good old Arduino method is still available!