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Create amiibo clones with Arduino

Probably the cheapest way of making amiibo clones. Amiibos are the NFC-enabled figurines and cards manufactured by Nintendo. There is a lot of games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS which use amiibo in a number of ways. Learn more about amiibo on Nintendo site…


MintyPi 2.0 project (26% funded)

Hi, guys! Hope you’re doing fine! A friend of mine showed me a video of a wonderful tiny project called mintyPi and it’s a portable console fitted into a tin of mints!


Thenaya — a homebrew app to clone amiibos with your 3DS

Hi guys! I want to share some amazing news with you today! Recently I have discovered an awesome 3DS homebrew app which allows amiibo cloning with 3DS itself! Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? It is a project developed by the same person behind TagMo,…